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The Big Picture

Good design needs to start at the top and work down. Then restart at the bottom and work up. If you can meet yourself in the middle then you just might have something.

The Information for this hack is all bottom.

Will the judges give the designers consideration for defining the top?

For example:

One good top place to start in the 21st Century is the Blue Marble Earth. This recognizes that the Earth is one thing now, both ecologically and electronically. The great problems of the 21st Century (Global Warming, etc.) can only be addressed at this level.

Failure to define the problems we are solving at the whole Earth level is a major and common failure. It means that you are treating entrepreneurship as a get-rich-quick scheme. It means you are treating the 21st Century as if it were about the same as the last quarter of the 20th. The 21st Century is a very different animal all together.

To design for the 21st Century we must do quite a bit of futurist work. People are not yet familiar with the new environment and you have to be clear on your assumptions. This take time. Failure to allow this time means that the judges are freezing the designer in yesterday. You cannot design for the 21st Century frozen in yesterday. It is all about tomorrow.

“You can’t solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein


Will the judges give consideration and attention to Big-Picture, Top-Down design approaches?

Tom Riley


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    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your question. The judges will be asked to score based on the judging criteria posted on the Homepage and under Section 6 of the rules:

    Quality of Idea (Includes creativity and originality of the idea or use case)

    Implementation of Idea (Includes how well the idea was executed by the developer and the extent to which the Application utilizes the Microsoft Office 365 APIs or Add-ins in a way that increases productivity)

    Potential Impact (Includes the extent to which the Application or Pre-Coded Application Idea could impact user productivity)

    We agree that defining the overarching problem you are really working to address is very important, and it will be judged via the Quality of Idea criteria. To help folks along, we’ve provided a few example problems on the Productivity Scenarios page (http://msoffice365.devpost.com/details/scenarios).


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    This design is very good.
    Clean Villas

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    Thanks for the note. I am currently working on a major project:

    “Stories of the 21st, Now”

    The idea is to help people get in action on the great problems of the 21st Century (global warming, population peaking, etc.) by telling stories of interesting characters in effective action on these problems.

    We are currently working on a series about the problems of Earth’s oceans, called “Iron Seas” which is set about 2070. To move this project forward we are (1) working on a model boat used in the story, The Yvette A. Wight, (2) expanding the technical background for these sea stories, FOF, and (3) working on new stories.

    Robots play a big part in our stories and are people in the same since that corporations are people. (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elZ10nNbhFk&feature=youtu.be )

    Please check back with me if you are looking for actions you can take that might do some good.

    Tom Riley

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