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IBM Watson and Earth

We face a number of great problems in the 21st Century (Global Warming, etc.). These can frighten people and afflict them with inaction. This does not have to be.

There is plenty of good science in how to get people to buy into action. There is even some new relevant science from studies of how our brains work.

The IBM Watson challenge opens up a possibility of building a rapid prototype app and testing this possibility. I have many years work on this problem under my belt and have written a top level design doc:

Buy-In for Earth Design Document

Unfortunately it has been years since I have written code so we need a code writer on our team. The code requirement is very small, only a few pages in Java, but the time fuse is short. A student might be able to do it.

Would any like to be the coder for an established team on the IBM Watson challenge?

Tom Riley


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    Bluemix difficult to set up

    This hack requires the use of the IBM development system Bluemix. I am having great difficult setting it up.

    1. There are a great many options and the novice does not know what options to use.
    2. The tutorials do not match the current web sites. Apparently the web sites have been updated.
    3. The step-by-step instructions skip key steps that senior people probably know but junior people are clueless.

    It is very frustrating not to be able to get from square zero to square one.

    Tom Riley

  • Manager   •   almost 7 years ago

    Hi Tom,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with Bluemix, but did you mean to post this comment on another discussion forum? This forum is for the Hack Productivity competition - which does not require any use of IBM Bluemix.

    The main requirement of Hack Productivity is to submit an application that will help users increase their productivity. To be eligible for prizes, submissions include a new Microsoft Office 365 Add-in (extension) AND integrate at least one of the following Microsoft Office 365 APIs (Mail, Calendar, Files, Photos/Video, or Contacts - or Microsoft Graph).


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    Where then is the discussion for the IBM Watson Hack?

    I looked at the Microsoft Office Hack and in spite of my heavy use of Word and Excel, I could find no way to code anything on the top-level designs I work. That hack seems to be stuck at the very bottom of design and resolutely refusing to look at the big picture.

  • Manager   •   almost 7 years ago

    Hi Tom,

    Are you looking for this competition? http://watson.devpost.com

    If so, the discussion forum can be found here: http://watson.devpost.com/forum_topics


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