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almost 7 years ago

Microsoft’s new Graph API is now part of Hack Productivity

Hey, productivity hackers! We wanted to let you know about a change to the competition rules that allows you to use Microsoft’s new unified Office 365 API, Microsoft Graph.

Tell me more!

Microsoft Graph (previously the Office 365 unified API) exposes multiple APIs from Microsoft’s cloud services through a single REST API endpoint ( Using Microsoft Graph, you can turn formerly difficult or complex queries into simple navigations.

Microsoft Graph gives you:

  • A unified API endpoint for accessing aggregated data from multiple Microsoft cloud services in a single response
  • Seamless navigation between entities and and the relationships among them
  • Access to intelligence and insights coming from the Microsoft cloud

And all this using a single authentication token.

You can use the API to access fixed entities like users, groups, mail, messages, calendars, tasks, and notes coming from services like Outlook, OneDrive, Azure Active Directory, Planner, OneNote and others.

So ... what does this mean for me?

Basically, it means you have more options. To be eligible for prizes in the Hack Productivity competition, makers must “create a working software Application that will help users increase their productivity in any area of life. Submitted Applications must include a working Microsoft Office 365 Add-in (extension) AND must integrate one or more of the following Microsoft Office 365 APIs: Mail, Calendar, Files, Photos/Video, or Contacts. Makers may use one or more of the individual Microsoft Office 365 APIs or Microsoft Graph (”

So now, it’s up to you whether you’d like to use one or more individual Microsoft Office 365 APIs, or instead choose to use the Graph API in your submission.

We hope this extra option will make figuring out your life hack more straightforward! But if you have any questions, you can, as always, reach us at or by posting to the discussion forum.